Unexpected Benefits of Contract Work

  • September 06, 2018

When most people think of a “job search,” they think only about full-time permanent positions. However, there are a plethora of contract jobs available for both short- and long-term assignments.  Some job seekers have concerns about contract work, but if you’re thinking about making a change, consider these unexpected benefits of contracting.

Contract Work Puts You in Control

One of the biggest benefits of contract work is the ability to pick and choose the projects you work on. You’ll have access to new products, projects and resources; you can choose the employers you want to work for and the jobs that allow you to use the skills you enjoy the most.

Contracting also affords you the freedom to develop a schedule that’s much more flexible than a “traditional” job. Most jobs start you off with just two or three weeks of vacation per year. When you contract, you can take off for one day, one week or one month in between assignments, allowing you more freedom and helping you achieve stronger work-life balance.

Contract Work Helps You Build Key Skills

Because you can pick and choose the projects you work on, you can also focus on growing specific skills or even acquiring new skill sets. No two projects will ever be the same, and with each new assignment and opportunity, you’ll be exposed to new programs, new platforms and new systems, growing your portfolio and expertise at every step. Because of this exposure, contractors typically increase their range and depth of skills at a much faster rate than traditional employees.

Contract Work Can Open New Doors

Contracting often leads to permanent job offers. Whether it’s in the same role as the contract position or something different, employers often choose to extend full-time offers to contractors who knock their assignments out of the park, get along well with the team, and express interest in staying on with the organization.

Even if a job doesn’t lead to a permanent role with one employer, it’s always an opportunity to build your network, and you never know when a former colleague or supervisor from a contract job could recommend you for something else.

Contract Work Helps You Grow

Going into a variety of companies as a contract employee will give you valuable experience you can’t get anywhere else. You’ll become a more adaptive and outgoing person; you’ll learn how to overcome unique challenges and obstacles; and you’ll learn new strategies for getting up to speed and learning quickly. All of these skills will make you a much more effective and well-rounded professional.

Ready to Reap the Benefits of Contracting?

If you are a professional in tech, healthcare, logistics or customer service ready to reap the benefits of contract work, the recruiters at PSG Global Solutions can help you achieve your goals. Search our current contractor job openings or contact us today to learn more about our commitment to your success.