Four Reasons Why the Gig Economy is Right for You

  • September 06, 2018

The “gig economy” has gotten a lot of press in recent years, and for good reason - it’s changing the way people think about and approach work. These days, picking up a gig can be as easy as shopping online. Whether you’re looking to make extra money between jobs or you’re looking for more freedom in your career, the project-based gig economy could be right for you.

The Gig Economy Allows For Flexible Scheduling

In today’s world, adults are being pulled in multiple directions. Working long hours at a traditional “day job” makes it difficult to balance personal and professional obligations. Many people enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with the gig economy. In many cases, you can set your own hours, working around your family and personal schedules, so you never have to choose between work and a personal life.

Variety, Variety, Variety

Boredom is one of the biggest complaints of people who work traditional, 9 - to - 5 jobs. Doing the same tasks every day at the same desk, surrounded by the same people can get old very quickly. With the gig economy comes unparalleled variety. You’ll always be exposed to new people, new tasks, new situations and environments. People who get bored easily and hate the feeling of complacency that comes with a “regular” job often thrive in the gig economy.

The Freedom of Entrepreneurship

Working in the gig economy can feel like being your own boss. Yes, you’ll still have people to answer to, but when you decide which projects to take on, where you want to work and what your hours are, it feels like you’re running your own business – and essentially, you are. This type of work requires a lot of self-motivation to plan your work and income.  However, people who have that entrepreneurial spirit may find the gig economy is their ideal path.

The Ability to Focus on the Skills You Love

In a “traditional” job, you have to focus on the tasks assigned to you by your boss. You may enjoy some of those tasks, but odds are, many are not so enjoyable. With the gig economy, you can focus on the skills and jobs you enjoy the most. Are you a coder that loves Python but can’t stand Perl? You have the freedom to only work on projects that don’t require you to deal with Perl. You are in the driver’s seat and can choose the type of work you do and the projects you work on, giving you much more control over your career trajectory than in a traditional job.

Ready to Try Your Hand at the Gig Economy?

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