Common Myths About Contract Work Debunked

  • September 06, 2018

It is estimated that one in five U.S. workers is currently employed as a contractor. Even though contracting is on the rise, however, many professionals still have misconceptions about this type of work. Here are some of the most common myths about contract work, debunked.

Myth: Contract Work Is Low Level

Fact: Professionals at All Levels Work as Contractors

If you think “temporary” work is just for office clerks and warehouse workers, you’re not alone. Many people hold this misconception, but the truth is, contract work is available for people at all levels and stages of their careers.

Companies in every industry rely on contractors to help them grow, tackle large projects, expand into new markets and handle unexpected increases in demand. In fact, many employers seek out highly skilled contractors with unique talents and expertise for short-term strategic projects.

Myth: Contract Work is a Bad Career Move

Fact: Contract Work Can Strategically Advance Your Career

Contract work allows you to focus on the specific skills and talents you enjoy the most, and many people make full-time living from contracting. Contracting affords many opportunities that aren’t always available in a “traditional" job. You can work in a variety of environments; you get exposed to a mix of exciting projects; you have the opportunity to work remotely for companies across the country and around the world; and you can build your experience and skills in your niche. 

Myth: Contract Work Impedes Your Ability to Find a Permanent Job

Fact: Contract Work Can Lead to a Lucrative Permanent Opportunity

Many companies use contract work as a way of “testing” talented people on the job before making a permanent offer, and contracting can be your foot in the door of a great company. Contracting also allows you to build your network organically. If you do a great job and maintain connections with colleagues and supervisors, they may be able to help you advance your career when they hear about openings that align with your skills and goals.

Myth: Contract Work Is a Last Resort If You Can’t Find a Permanent job

Fact: Contract Work Can Be a Strategic Stepping Stone

If you are starting out in your career, making a career change or looking to take your skills to a new industry, it can be difficult to break in. But contract work can open doors for you immediately, giving you the all-important skills and experience you need to bolster your resume and gather professional references. Contracting can be a great stepping stone to launch a long and lucrative career.  

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